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Featured Work

Galactic Shield Maiden is a non-linear, open-world, first-person shooter with a Norse-inspired sci-fi aesthetic. This was an eight-person project made in about sixteen weeks and I worked as one of the level designers and 3D artists.

A modular environment created from props and assets that will be used by William Peace University in a game that will have students tour the campus digitally.

A set of fantasy props that are going to be incorporated into some other projects in the near future. These props were created in Maya and textured in Substance Painter.

A documentary that explains what game design is like for people learning it and people in the industry. This was made with the intention of informing people potential game design students on what creating games is like behind face value.

Eye of Enigma is a puzzle/platformer by way of escape the room with an emphasis on riddle solving. This took about eight weeks to put together and there are plans to keep adding to Eye of Enigma in the future.

A poster made using royalty-free images to promote a retelling of To Kill A Mockingbird by The William Peace University Theatre Company.

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